Structuring programmes according to community needs

Updated - Thursday 30 November 2017

TDFT – Secure Local Support

TDFT implements the WASH & Learn! programme in Nzega, Uyui, and Sikonge districts in Tabora Region. The cooperation with the local government is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the programme. Therefore, in the early phase, introduction meetings in all participatory villages were held, which resulted in increasing awareness among the communities. Afterwards, eleven planning meetings were organised to plan interventions. During each of these meetings, participants were asked to write down a number of lessons learned and action plans that could be implemented to improve WASH facilities, in terms of construction, financing, and maintenance. Information collected from these meetings was compiled and used as discussion points with community members and the local government.  

In addition, in order to set up Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and Community Owned Water Supply Organisations (COWSOs), trainings were held to empower members of these groups to be ‘Community Behaviour Change Agents’ and they were also linked to the activities implemented in schools. Building on existing connections and good relationships with schools and the communities, these local change agents established a foundation to ensure the continuity of the WASH activities beyond the project period. 

Awareness raising on WASH by TDFT

UFUNDIKO – Distance Water Monitoring System

UFUNDIKO implements the WASH & LEARN! programme in Kongwa and Mpwapwa districts in Dodoma Region. UFUNDIKO has been working with STIClab on developing a distance water monitoring system that provides an opportunity for COWSOs to better manage the water supply as well as keep track of the money collected through their services.

The main body of the system is a water vending machine that automatically delivers water at a certain quantity that matches the amount of money put in. In addition, it is equipped with a digital water meter and an automated hygiene and sanitation promotion system, playing health-related messages recorded by community leaders.    

In order to increase the willingness of the community to accept and use the water vending machines, several meetings have been organised with government representatives, COWSO members, and the village assembly. 

The water vending machine with built-in hygiene promotion system of UFUNDIKO


The WASH and Learn! programme integrates community and school WASH projects in three adjacent countries in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Together with six local NGO partners, Simavi implements this programme, focusing on water supply, and sanitation and hygiene behaviour improvements.

Simavi continues to work with communities on creating a positive and enabling environment in which every stakeholder is active and we are dedicated to ensuring that participants use the WASH services properly.

More information on the WASH and Learn! programme can be found here.