Revisiting The Joy of Learning

This IRC publication was published in 2005, but the participatory learning activities on sanitation and hygiene for teachers and pupils are still relevant and useful. So this is an opportunity to revisit The Joy of Learning. You can download the whole book, but you can also download separate chapters or activities.

The Joy of Learning

This guide is meant for teachers and others who want to design participatory learning activities on hygiene and sanitation. It is divided into two parts: theory and lesson plans. The lesson plans are organised into three sections: hygiene (including personal and food hygiene), sanitation and water. Each section contains a series of information sheets for planning, implementing and evaluating participatory learning activities on a specific subject. Examples include personal hygiene, the safe transport and handling of water, protecting local water sources, and locally prevailing disease transmission routes.

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Part 1 - Purpose, concepts and structure

Part 1 of The Joy of Learning on purpose, concepts and structure.

Part_1.pdf (318.0 kB)

Part 2 - Information sheets for lesson plans

Part 2 of The Joy of Learning contains information sheets for lesson plans.

Part_2.pdf (134.6 kB)

1.1 Clean is beautiful

The section on clean is beautiful in The Joy of Learning lists activities on hygiene for children aged 2-14.

1.1_Clean_is_beautiful.pdf (100.2 kB)

1.2 I am a ‘well-washer’

The section 'I am a well-washer' in The Joy of Learning gives suggestions for role-play and storytelling on hygiene for children aged 2-14.

1.2_i_am_a_well-washer.pdf (161.9 kB)

1.3 The Wash song

This section in The Joy of Learning discusses ideas for songs and music on hygiene for children aged 5-14.

1.3_The_Wash_song.pdf (32.6 kB)

1.4 Showtime

Suggestions for activities around personal hygiene in The Joy of Learning for children aged 5-11.

1.4_Showtime.pdf (30.6 kB)

1.5 Mad mandazis

Activities suggested in The Joy of Learning to make children understand the importance of safe food protection and handling.

1.5_Mad_mandazis.pdf (81.9 kB)

1.6 My changing body

Practical skills on among other menstrual hygiene are described in this section of The Joy of Learning.

1.6_My_changing_body.pdf (87.7 kB)

1.7 HIV-AIDS A disease you can avoid

Activities for children from 12-14 to make them understand more on HIV/AIDS transmission, impacts, prevention in this chapter of The Joy of Learning

1.7_HIV-AIDS_A_disease_you_.pdf (36.4 kB)


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