WASH & Learn!

The ‘WASH and Learn!’ programme integrates community and school WASH projects in three adjacent countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Simavi will implement this WASH in Schools programme together with six local NGO partners. It is a three-year programme which runs from 2016 to 2018. WASH and Learn! is funded through the event Walking for Water 2016-2018, an awareness and fundraising initiative with Dutch school children. Aqua for All is contributing 80% of the money raised by the Walking for Water campaign. The Rotary District 1570 is another contributor to the programme. On this website, findings from the programme will be shared with the wider WASH in Schools community. 

WASH & Learn: a partnership beyond boundaries

Leveraging sustainability by joining capacities for creating a smart partnership of NGOs in East Africa and the Netherlands.

A blog by Selma Hilgersom, Programme Officer Africa, Simavi.

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Case study: Cost recovery strategy ensuring capital contribution and water availability in dry seasons

With the support of JESE, one of the local NGO partners in the WASH & Learn! programme, cost recovery planning was conducted in Kisomoro Primary School, Uganda, in 2016. Stakeholders were gathered together to develop plans and strategies on how to maintain and sustain WASH facilities long after the project comes to an end. A treasury fund was set up for WASH activities in the school.

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WASH & Learn! factsheet

This factsheet gives an overview of what WASH and Learn! is about. What are the objectives, who are the partners, the stakeholders and what great innovations have already been implemented?

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WASH and Learn! – a partnership beyond boundaries

WASH & Learn! is a WASH in Schools programme (2016 – 2018) being implemented by Simavi and six local partners in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. They have implemented several innovations and worked closely with partners and communities on knowledge sharing and learning.

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Local Pastor becoming Change Agent under the Cluster Approach

Kanweri, 62-year-old, is a pastor living in Kyamuhemba Village, Kisomoro Sub-County, Uganda. She spent most of her time on pastoring at the church and used her church services as an excuse to avoid constructing proper WASH facilities at her home as well as practicing good hygiene habits. She argued that she is not strong enough to excavate pits for latrine and rubbish and that she does not have a stable source of income to employ someone to do the work for her.

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WASH and Learn! and School Health Clubs

 ”My work has been simplified because by the time I arrive at school, the pupils are already cleaning their latrines and litter in the school compound is being picked up, I only start by supervising the children. They are mobilized by the SHC members every morning”- an account of Busingye Erastus, a health teacher at St. John’s Nsongya.

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WASH-based businesses

Water is the most important natural resource, making it an excellent factor for business propositions and development of the economy especially in developing countries. New water-based business models were set up in Uganda and Tanzania under the WASH and Learn! programme organised together by Simavi and the local partners, CABDA, EMESCO Development Foundation and UFUNDIKO.

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Podcast: Involving local communities for sustainable WASH in Schools

This WASH Talk podcast episode discusses the creative solutions Simavi and Aqua for All use in Africa.

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Winning sustainability structures for WASH facilities in schools

 Last learning meeting lays a foundations for sustainability after the WASH and Learn! programme.

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