WASH & Learn!

The ‘WASH and Learn!’ programme integrates community and school WASH projects in three adjacent countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Simavi will implement this WASH in Schools programme together with six local NGO partners. It is a three-year programme which runs from 2016 to 2018. WASH and Learn! is funded through the event Walking for Water 2016-2018, an awareness and fundraising initiative with Dutch school children. Aqua for All is contributing 80% of the money raised by the Walking for Water campaign. The Rotary District 1570 is another contributor to the programme. On this website, findings from the programme will be shared with the wider WASH in Schools community. 

WASH & Learn! programme

The ‘WASH and Learn!’ programme is integrating community and school WASH projects in a number of specific regions and sub-counties in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The programme started in March 2016 and will run for three years.

School children in Uganda (photo: Mona van den Berg)

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Regular updates on WASH and Learn! also via Akvo rsr

Regular updates in the WASH and Learn! programme are also available via the Akvo rsr.

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Ensuring sustainability of WASH facilities in schools

 How can WASH facilities that are constructed within a programme function for at least 15 years? Partners of the WASH and Learn! programme in Uganda exchanged experiences and useful tools for generating income to fund operation and maintenance.

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Water not just for the school, but the whole community

When Kamolo Primary School in Kenya got a water source also the neighbouring Secondary School and the community benefited. It had a positive impact on the health of the people as well as their livelihoods.

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Inclusion of Local Governments, Parents, and Students in WASH Promotion

By involving many groups such as community members, health clubs, parents and teachers, established local structures and opinion leaders WASH practices were taken up much faster and there were less challenges.

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Structuring programmes according to community needs

Simavi’s local Tanzanian partners, Tabora Development Foundation Trust (TDFT) and UFUNDIKO share lessons on sustaining WASH facilities after the WASH and Learn! project period.

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“Everyone is a product of a missed period”

Effective menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is essential for good health. The WASH and Learn! programme has a special focus on awareness raising around MHM and works on getting everyone, families, schools, communities and government, involved in creating an enabling environment. Both girls and boys are taught how to make reusable sanitary pads.

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The power of involving boys in menstrual hygiene management

Proper menstrual hygiene management practices are about sensitizing all members of the community, especially men and boys, in order to ensure safe management of menstruation through affordable means.

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Using cluster approach to drive sustainable WASH improvement

The Cluster System, which aims at strengthening the capacity and commitment of households within a small group of community members, is one of the most effective approaches. HEWASA has adapted this approach from EMESCO, another local NGO partner in the WASH & Learn! programme. 

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Cost Recovery Planning: An essential tool to help schools ensure long-term success of WASH investments

School girls at assembly in Kenya

The WASH & Learn! programme has used Cost Recovery Planning (CRP) as a tool to improve WASH financing and sustaining WASH investments in schools. Cost Recovery Planning is an effective tool that enables schools to get an overview of all stakeholders (community, local government, local leaders, school management and pupils) with the capacity to implement, maintain and sustain WASH investment levels in the school before, during and even after the project ends. The tool creates space for the stakeholders to discuss, give ideas, outline strategies and procedures that could bring returns supporting the WASH investments.

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