WASH in Schools - Understanding Multi-Sector Partnership Approaches: an Exploratory Review

Updated - Monday 05 October 2015

Recent decades have seen a growing mobilization of the international community to fill the gap in the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene services in schools (WinS). WinS programmes involving multi-sector partnerships (MSP) are increasingly being implemented at national or regional levels in a number of African, Asian and Latin American countries. Whilst information regarding the nature of WinS work, including best practices, is well documented and easily accessible, there is a gap of knowledge on the various institutional arrangements delivering these programmes. Correspondingly, WinS experts and practitioners lack guidance tools for the analysis and formative assessment of their partnerships.

This paper presents an attempt towards developing a typology of WinS partnerships, which shall help practitioners step back from programme implementation to assess key characteristics of their partnerships, improve their design and enhance the sustainability of their interventions.