Kenya - Seven lead institutions in learning and advocacy partnership: an SSHE pilot project in Kenya

Many nations have succeeded in rapidly increasing primary school enrolment in the effort to achieve universal primary education. However, it has often proved difficult to expand school facilities correspondingly. Too often, classrooms become very crowded and basic facilities for water and sanitation either do not exist or run-down rapidly with over-use and lack of maintenance. The opportunities for children to develop and practice personal hygiene behaviours, is compromised and the schools facilities themselves can promote disease. To address these challenges requires cooperation among the key stakeholders at all levels. This is the story of how solutions to these challenges were sought in Kenya through the partnership of seven key organizations.

Kenya final national mobilization SSHE case study_WEB.pdf (147.3 kB)


Hygiene: a crucial piece of the puzzle for the impact of WASH

In this podcast, experts talk about hygiene promotion, handwashing and behaviour change, highlighting an experience in Bhutan.

Hygiene: a crucial piece of the puzzle for the impact of WASH