About the Web Site

Updated - Monday 22 August 2016

The WASH in schools web site was started as a joint initiative of IRC and UNICEF and is now hosted by IRC. At intervals various organisations use this platform to promote their WASH in schools project documents among them CARE USA and Simavi. It serves as a discussion forum and an information exchange platform for sector professionals working in the field of WASH in Schools.

The web site is also aims to provide the opportunity for WASH in Schools Partnership members to share information on their events and programme activities linked to the Call to Action Campaign - which started in 2010 - or beyond.


Local Pastor becoming Change Agent under the Cluster Approach

Kanweri, 62-year-old, is a pastor living in Kyamuhemba Village, Kisomoro Sub-County, Uganda. She spent most of her time on pastoring at the church and used her church services as an excuse to avoid constructing proper WASH facilities at her home as well as practicing good hygiene habits. She argued that she is not strong enough to excavate pits for latrine and rubbish and that she does not have a stable source of income to employ someone to do the work for her.

Local Pastor becoming Change Agent under the Cluster Approach