Burkina Faso - School Sanitation and Hygiene Education experiences in the Ganzourgou province

Updated - Tuesday 16 August 2016

Snel, Marielle and Bouda, Leocardi (2004)

This case study presents a School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) experience in the Ganzourgou province in Burkina Faso. Initiated by the Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy, this pilot project was implemented in 26 schools. It received financial aid from UNICEF and the Dutch Government, and technical support from CREPA (Regional Centre for Low Cost Safe Water and Sanitation). Schools were equipped with water and sanitation facilities, while capacity building and training of teachers, children and communities resulted in change of behaviour and improved living environments.

The Ganzourgou SSHE project is original in that it has been implemented under the Ministry of Basic Education. Even though teachers are transferred on a regular basis, we are convinced that the hygiene and sanitation activities will be continued, because:

·The newly appointed teachers in the project schools have found facilities (water points, handwashing facilities, water containers/tanks, posters) that are not common in the majority of schools in Burkina Faso. They have kept up the hygiene practices acquired by the pupils and the previous teachers.

·The learning techniques developed with the teachers has allowed them to differentiate themselves from teachers in “classic” schools, thus attracting and focusing the children’s attention, and making them participate actively in hygiene and sanitation lessons.

·The action plans and the posters developed during the teachers’ training have been promising and stimulating tools. The posters are quite popular, and there has been a demand for them from other schools and stakeholders, in and outside the province.

The case study was abstracted from: Snel, M. (2004), "THE WORTH OF SCHOOL SANITATION AND HYGIENE EDUCATION (SSHE)", IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, Delft, the Netherlands

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