Lessons from the process

Updated - Monday 13 August 2012

Evidence-based advocacy works. Research publications from the SWASH+ partnership provided scientific data to support the immense need for additional funding, maintenance and sustainability of clean water, sanitation and hygiene provision for all students. Advocacy also achieved the following:

  • Doubling of school WASH funds per year,
  • Increased international network of development partners,
  • Adoption of WASH curriculum and materials for in-service teacher training.

Learning and advocacy (not direct service delivery) enables change on a larger scale:

  • Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation engaged with SWASH+ as a learning partner on school WASH; through this collaborative learning process capacity building and national investments in school WASH increased.
  • Piloting and openness to new monitoring and evaluation systems, including agreement on need for unified monitoring tool between ministries was achieved.
  • SWASH+ has specific policy goals to not only increase funding for school WASH, but also improve monitoring and evaluation with a downward, decentralized and supportive system, and through a new knowledge and behavior curriculum (co-developed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).