SWASH+ Videos

Videos compiled by CARE for the SWASH+ project:

Getting parents involved in monitoring water, sanitation and hygiene services at schools

Rural schools in Kenya struggle not only to provide, but to maintain access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. The SWASH+ project trained parents to inspect school WASH facilities to increase accountability of school administrations for providing WASH services. Parents conducted walk-through inspections of the facilities, thus gaining a new awareness of school WASH conditions. The involvement of at least one parent volunteer made other parents more likely to personally sacrifice to supplement clean water for their children at school. Additional commitment from parents, school administrations, and government is needed to maintain and monitor school WASH.

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Maintaining school water, sanitation, and hygiene services

The provision and quality of school water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in Kenya greatly varies over time based on how much attention and resources are given to maintenance. Many schools cannot fund necessary supplies such as water treatment solution or soap. A national monitoring system for school WASH is necessary to keep school officials accountable for WASH investments. Collaboration among parents, students, teachers and government officials is needed to ensure that schools have safe water, clean latrines, and good hygiene behaviours over the long term.


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Thinking big: Using school water, sanitation and hygiene for nation-wide change

Many primary schools throughout Nyanza Province in Kenya lack access to safe water and sanitary latrines. In order to support nation-wide change in school WASH conditions, the SWASH+ project used a rigorous research design to evaluate what interventions for school water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) were most effective. These research findings were used to influence the Kenyan government to increase funding for school WASH and implement sustainable solutions for WASH in schools across Kenya.


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