Presentations Call to Action Meeting The Hague

All the presentations given during the Call to Action meeting in The Hague, 24 and 25 May 2011.

Akvo Activities

Presentation by Luuk Diphoorn on the activities of Akvo. They create and share internet tools, which make it easier for people to implement development projects in an effective and transparent way.

LuukDiphoornAkvo_WASH in Schools (PPTminimizer).pdf (1.0 MB)

Dubai Cares' WASH in Schools initiative in Mali

Investing for WASH in Schools in Mali by Beau Crowder, Dubai Cares and UNICEF.

BeauCrowderDC_Presentation_The_Hague_May_24_2011-2_lowres (PPTminimizer).pptx (318.7 kB)

Fit for School

Presentation by Bella Monse on the Philippine NGO Fit for School.

BellaMonse_Fit for Den Haag.V2_lowres.pdf (822.6 kB)

Global Handwashing Day 2011

Presentation by Sarah Fry from AED about Global Handwashing Day created by the Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW) in 2008.

SarahFryGHD 2011 for WinS Hague Meeting (PPTminimizer).pdf (744.4 kB)

Global Update and Six Points of Action

Global update on the Call to Action for WASH in Schools Movement and six points of action for WASH in Schools, by Murat Sahin, UNICEF, on behalf of the Advocacy Group.

MuratSahinC2AWinS follow up_Hague_20110524_ (PPTminimizer).pdf (1.1 MB)

Monitoring-Evaluation-Learning (MEL) framework of the Wins Partnership in Mali

Presentation by Nicolas Osbert, from UNICEF Mali, on the Monitoring-Evaluation-Learning (MEL) framework of the WASH in Schools Partnership in Mali.

NicolasOsbertWins MALI MEL- Call to Action The Hague 2011 (PPTminimizer).pptx (751.9 kB)

Objectives and Expectations of the The Hague meeting

Presentation by IRC's Marielle Snel on the objectives and expectations of the The Hague meeting.

MarielleSnelObjectives&expectationsWASHinSchoolsMeeting (PPTminimizer).ppt (191.5 kB)

Review on impact of separate toilets for girls

Systematic review on impact of separate-sex toilets, by Sue Cavill, SHARE Consortium.

Sue Cavill ppt (PPTminimizer).ppt (887.0 kB)