WASH in Schools Meeting in Europe, The Hague, 24-25 May 2011

Updated - Monday 06 June 2011

A Call to Action for WASH in Schools campaign (www.unicef.org/wash/schools) was launched in 2010 calling on decision makers to increase investments and on concerned stakeholders to plan and act in cooperation – so that all children go to a school with child-friendly water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. 

30 + international organisations joined the Call to Action for WASH in Schools movement at several global and regional launches in 2010. Agencies involved renewed their commitments to the sector which has been stagnating over the years (reflected by a survey conducted among 60 developing countries showing the status of WASH in Schools):

  1. Less than half of the countries have information on WASH in Schools coverage
  2. Less than half of all primary schools have access to safe water and just over a third has adequate sanitation in countries where data are available. Even where facilities exist, they are often in poor condition and hygiene education is often non-existent

This 2 day meeting aimed to bring together WASH in Schools advocates from various organisations based in Europe (Ministries, UN agencies, Academia, Foundations, and non-governmental organisations) to help development partners’ work on strategies to follow up the Call to Action for WASH in Schools.

Conveners: IRC, UNICEF and WASH in Schools Partners


WASH symposium All Systems Go!

All systems go! is a practitioner-focused discussion of how to deliver strong and resilient WASH systems and of how to apply systems approaches to improving WASH service delivery. The symposium is open to practitioners and theoreticians of WASH systems or the application of systems approaches to WASH.

WASH symposium All Systems Go!