WASH Library title: Final pupil assessment

Center for Global Safe Water at Emory University -Atlanta, GA, US., 2009. Final pupil assessment : changing children's knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and outcomes : SWASH-plus : sustaining and scaling school water, sanitation, and hygiene plus community impacts. Nairobi, Kenya: Emory University Center for Global Safe Water.


In september to november 2008, Emory University and Great Lakes University of Kisumu conducted a pupil assessment in SWASH+ project schools in Nyanza Province, Kenya to determine the impact of school WASH interventions on pupil knowledge, behaviors, health and absenteeism. The findings of the pupil final evaluation suggest that all intervention groups are making improvements in the regular availability of appropriate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and that children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviors are improving as well. At the same time, there is little evidence that these have resulted in attributable improvements in health or attendance so far. Additional data from school records and the final household survey may still provide additional evidence of these impacts. There is a need to continue learning about ways to improve the effectiveness of WASH messages for pupils and to increase the transfer of those messages to their homes. Given that latrine conditions appear to be likely drivers of absenteeism, a better understanding of ways to improve the effectiveness of maintenance regimes would also be beneficial. Finally, further efforts must be made to learn ways to improve the sustainability of provision of school WASH elements. [authors abstract]

This is a SWASH+ -output.

Subjects: kenya | schools | kenya nyanza province | data analysis | behaviour;