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Water and general hygiene in Islam - a course

This is an adapted plan for a water and general hygiene course developed in Yemen and based on the book Life skills-based hygiene education . This plan can create some ideas for support and help to schools in developing countries. It has been drawn up by Nadeem Al-Murshedi, a teacher trainer and researcher from Yemen.

Water and General Hygiene in Islam_course_Yemen.pdf (760.8 kB)


This section contains videos on the topic of WASH in Schools.

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Project Updates

A list of school projects included in the Akvo database.

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Monitoring and evaluation

Methods and tools related to WASH in schools assessments.

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The costs of water and sanitation in schools: Bangladesh

A study conducted in 2013 in 117 schools in six sub-districts in Bangladesh has looked into the costing of school facilities. It costs at least US$ 10 per student to construct water and sanitation facilities in schools. And another US$ 1.40 per student per year for all recurrent costs including continuous support for hygiene promotion.

The costs of water and sanitation in schools: Bangladesh