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Water and general hygiene in Islam - a course

This is an adapted plan for a water and general hygiene course developed in Yemen and based on the book Life skills-based hygiene education . This plan can create some ideas for support and help to schools in developing countries. It has been drawn up by Nadeem Al-Murshedi, a teacher trainer and researcher from Yemen.

Water and General Hygiene in Islam_course_Yemen.pdf (760.8 kB)

Engaging private sector actors in WASH in School work

Thanks to decades of advocacy work, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in School (WinS) is moving up on political agendas, leading to more programmes and the involvement of a more diverse range of partners. This paper represents the first formal attempt to analyse the engagement of private sector actors in WinS multi-sector partnerships.

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WASH in Schools - Understanding Multi-Sector Partnership Approaches: an Exploratory Review

This paper presents an attempt towards developing a typology of WinS partnerships, which shall help practitioners step back from programme implementation to assess key characteristics of their partnerships, improve their design and enhance the sustainability of their interventions.

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This section contains videos on the topic of WASH in Schools.

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Handwashing Groupies

How can you get 110 million children to wash their hands before meals? India has the answer.

Every morning at the Baruajani Bapuji Lower Primary School in Assam, India, children and a group of mothers take the handwashing pledge. The ‘Matri Goat’ or mothers group consists of 10 mothers who help the school staff maintain and monitor water, sanitation and hygiene standards for the children.

Before eating is one of the critical times when you need to wash your hands with soap.Teaching this to school children is a good way to stimulate hygienic practices that last.

Handwashing Groupies