About WASH in Schools

This page provides background information on the WASH in Schools web site, the WASH in Schools Partnership, and how to join; and who to contact for more information.

About the Web Site

The WASH in schools web site was started as a joint initiative of IRC and UNICEF and is now hosted by IRC with support from CARE USA. It serves as a discussion forum and an information exchange platform for sector professionals working in the field of WASH in Schools. The web site also aims to provide the opportunity for WASH in Schools Partnership members to share information on their events and programme activities linked to the Call to Action Campaign -which started in 2010- or beyond.

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List of organisations working on WASH in Schools issues

Selection of web sites of other organisations working on WASH in Schools issues.

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Contact us

You can contact us at this address, or by filling in the contact form:

P.O. Box 82327
2508 EH The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 3044000
Fax: +31 70 3044044
E-mail: info@ircwash.org

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Handwashing Groupies

How can you get 110 million children to wash their hands before meals? India has the answer.

Every morning at the Baruajani Bapuji Lower Primary School in Assam, India, children and a group of mothers take the handwashing pledge. The ‘Matri Goat’ or mothers group consists of 10 mothers who help the school staff maintain and monitor water, sanitation and hygiene standards for the children.

Before eating is one of the critical times when you need to wash your hands with soap.Teaching this to school children is a good way to stimulate hygienic practices that last.

Handwashing Groupies