Notes and News

Notes and News was published twice a year. It contains an overview of news, good practices, current information, knowledge and experiences for all involved or interested in WASH in Schools. Issues of Notes and News can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish. Funding for this news service has stopped on the 1st of January 2010. We are looking for alternative ways to continue. For suggestions, please contact us.


Sanitation on the other side of the wall

A passionate school teacher took the lead in making his school a model in sanitation. However, the ground in front of the school is an open defecation area. This is the case at the government primary school in Madanpur Khadar, a resettlement colony on the periphery of Delhi. The school headmaster, Shamin Ahmed, with the support from a local NGO, CASP Plan (a Program Unit of Plan India), has made tremendous efforts towards improving the water and sanitation conditions in the school, which had very challenging circumstances. The headmaster has been proactive in mobilizing funds to make school toilets functional and water accessible to the children and taught them hygiene practices.

Ironically, while the efforts inside the school are towards a sanitized environment, the school boundary wall on the outside is used by the community members for open defecation.

Sanitation on the other side of the wall