WASH in Schools Monitoring Package

Updated - Thursday 11 August 2011

This package is designed to help address the WASH in Schools monitoring deficit at the national level. It is designed as a resource for WASH and Education professionals and practitioners to strengthen national monitoring systems and to improve the quality of monitoring at the project level.

The package consists of three modules:

  • The EMIS module: a set of basic monitoring questions on WASH in Schools to be incorporated into national Education Monitoring Information Systems (EMIS), usually administered annually;
  • The survey module: a more comprehensive set of questions, observations and focus group discussion guidelines for use in national WASH in Schools surveys as well as for sub-national, project level or thematic surveys;
  • The children’s monitoring module: a teacher’s guide and tool set for the monitoring of WASH in Schools by students, including observation checklists, survey questions and special monitoring exercises.

WASH in Schools Monitoring Package - full document

The full document of the WASH in Schools Monitoring Package compiled by UNICEF.

wash_in_schools_monitoringpackage_web.pdf (3.8 MB)


Trigger magazine on Pan-Africa Programme

The Pan-Africa Programme (2010 – 2014) has set the ambitious target to facilitating 805 rural, 36 (peri)- urban communities and 742 schools in reaching the Open Defecation Free (ODF) status by the end of 2014. As a result 2.6 million people in 8 African countries would gain access to sanitation and improve their hygiene practices. This Trigger magazine is meant to inform a wider audience about the development of the Pan-Africa Programme and to share lessons learnt that could be useful in implementing similar CLTS projects.

Trigger magazine on Pan-Africa Programme