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World Water Day

UN ,

Global handwashing day

The Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap ,

Korea, Republic of

World Water Forum

, Daegu, Gyeongbuk

United States

Water and Health Conference

, Chapel Hill


Yes, hygiene and school enrolment are directly proportional

In Bangladesh the standard number of toilets in schools has been set as a minimum of one toilet for every 60 students. However, this is far from being achieved. On average, schools in Bangladesh have half the number of toilets required. However, although 94 per cent of schools have latrines within the compound, a large number remain unusable because they are dirty or broken. In Bangladesh, the lack of separate latrines for girls and menstrual hygiene facilities in secondary schools are major factors in the disproportionate rate of absence and dropout of adolescent girls.

Yes, hygiene and school enrolment are directly proportional